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A company’s employees are its main asset but can also represent the greatest source of potential liabilities. Valemus Law’s employment solicitors’ pragmatic approach to employment law advice ensures you are equipped to deal with any potential liability.Backed by extensive expertise gained from specialist employment law practices, our employment law solicitors are able to explain employment law in clear and easy to understand terms, advising you as to your rights and guiding you as to the best way forward for you and your company. We also benefit from having an Employment Law judge on our team. We recognise that each employee matters and each business case is unique therefore each response needs to be tailored to your specific needs.As employment law specialists, at Valemus we offer advice on both contentious (i.e., defending unfair dismissal and discrimination claims) and non-contentious areas of employment law (such as drafting contracts of employment and advising on redundancy and restructuring).  All our solicitors at Valemus are Partner Consultants meaning that, unlike a majority of employment solicitors in London and the UK, they have the flexibility to work where they choose and can determine the level of work, they take on.  This means that they can dedicate more time to you as their client and provide you with greater flexibility in terms of when and where meetings can take place (i.e., in our offices around the country; online via Zoom or Teams or on the telephone) leaving you to focus on the most important thing – keeping your business running.

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